Final preparations for new book ‘The Basics of Planting Design’

Lucy is currently preparing the illustrations and selecting the photographs for her most recent book entitled ‘The Basics of Planting Design’ to be publish this autumn. This book will encapsulate a lifetime’s experience of preparing planting plans. It will be a must for both garden design students and those garden owners who would like to prepare their own planting plans.

Large, medium and small projects on going.

An Italianate Water Garden in East Kent, a complete redesign of a medium size London Garden, a complete redesign of a medium sized Country Garden near Canterbury, planting plans for a Country Garden in the South East, and the next phase of a major garden redesign project in the Midlands.

Award won for Outdoor Swimming Pool

We won a RIBA Award for the design team including the Lucy Huntington Garden Design Partnership

A new book for 2013

Lucy is about to put the finishing touches to a new book on ‘Planting Design’ to be published in 2013

Outdoor Swimming Pool in London.

Opening of a major outdoor swimming pool complex for at the Hurlingham Club in London Club.  All landscaping by the Lucy Huntington Garden Design Partnership