The Lucy Huntington Garden Design Partnership offers a number of services including:

Garden Design

The Lucy Huntington Garden Design Partnership combines some thirty years of the partner's experience in Garden Design, Landscape Design and Land Management.  Clients are drawn from across England and Wales with an emphasis on the larger country garden - work is also currently being undertaken in the USA and Australia.

Garden Design Consultancy

We are able to make a half day visit to the garden to advise on the future planning and development of the garden, followed by a written report detailing the advice given.

The Overall Garden Plan

We will survey the garden and draw up a survey plan, we will then prepare the overall plan.  A  return visit is then made to discuss the proposals and finalise the detail, once the garden owner is happy with the plan the final version is completed.  If required a coloured plan and an axonometric projection can also be provided.

Example Plan

Planting plans

The provision of planting plans may follow the overall garden plan but is also available to those garden owners who just need planting advice and guidance.  Lucy's skills as a planting designer are particularly in demand where clients need to revise existing planting schemes or to experiment with new layouts.

Construction drawings

It is essential that any new hard surfaces, garden structure or buildings are fully designed and the provision of construction drawings can be prepared when needed.  Occasionally the services of a structural engineer will be required and we are able to brief a qualified consultant to do this work which is then incorporated into the design.

Staircase Classical

Project monitoring

If requested we are able to monitor the contract as it proceeds to ensure that the work is being carried out correctly and that any modifications proposed by the client or variations introduced by the contractor are properly documented.

Regular visits to advise on garden maintenance

We have many clients of long standing who value our regular visits to discuss the progress of the garden and to advise on its maintenance and development.

Lecturing and Training

As a skilled and enormously enthusiastic communicator Lucy has always sought to share her knowledge and skills with others.

Courses and Lectures

Lucy and Francis are guest lecturers from time to time at a number of venues - when these are planned they will be listed under News.